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Jewelry is one of the few consumer goods that has the power to transport emotion through sharing a story or marking a special time in your life...so making the customer experience as personal as possible is at our core.  K.Michael is a company that prides itself on quality metals, a fresh perspective in design and crafted to provide a long life for your accessories.


The designer's California roots inspire every piece of jewelry she makes by hand. Her love for easy layering combined with an urban edge creates a minimal aesthetic that completes every outfit. Clean lines, balance, and geometric shapes are concepts that embody the K.Michael way, a bold mix of femininity and fiery street style.

We use high quality metals and work to keep our prices affordable for our customers.  When it comes to our materials, we are happy about our decision to never sacrifice quality and think you will be too.  We strongly believe in supporting companies with solid values that make amazing products and hope you will be a customer for life!