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Meet the Designer

     My name is Kristen and I am the Bay Area jewelry designer and founder of K.Michael Style.  This business brings me SO MUCH JOY, let me give you a little background...

     I was raised in a family of "doers & makers", so making things happen with my own two hands has been the most reasonable and satisfying way to get things done.  From a young age, I was always tinkering and kept myself (and my imagination) busy with whatever medium I could get my hands on.  Seeing my ideas come to fruition, is one of the most gratifying feelings.  So it is only appropriate that everything in my shop is made by hand, with close attention to detail and design execution.  Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I find a lot of inspiration in the effortless ease of California's natural beauty.  Alongside that is my vision to connect people & stories through jewelry.     
     K.MICHAEL Jewelry initially started as an up-cycled clothing brand, which shifted to reconstructing vintage jewelry findings, to selling to friends and eventually turned itself into a steady stream of brand new designs.  I was making things that I wanted to wear but couldn't find in stores.  At that point, I turned a corner and began designing and making K.Michael Jewelry as we know it today, with a major emphasis on QUALITY...I'm talking WAY better materials, at an affordable cost and that would not tarnish.  Hello GOLD-FILLED!  So WHY JEWELRY? I have always been drawn to jewelry for the story it tells, the emotion it evokes and its ability to transform any look.  I also love that jewelry has the ability to be shared and appreciated between generations.
     As a designer, I want to be know for my authenticity and fresh aesthetic; along with my connection and care for each customer.  While it may be lofty, I believe each person has the power to change the world, through the decisions they make and the brands they support.  I believe that supporting your own community and those that inspire you is essential in a well-balanced world.  
     Thank you for visiting my shop, I am beyond grateful for the support as I chase my passion! ❤️