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Sustainability Standards

Let's be honest, there is a lot of hype around “sustainable” & “conscious consumers”; but K.Michael Jewelry takes things like sustainability & our environment very seriously.  As a company we don't just talk the talk, instead we walk the walk.

Our Sustainable Fine Jewelry Standards:

1. Local production: Everything is handcrafted by the designer in her Bay Area studio in California.  Production is never outsourced.

2. Responsibly Sourced Metals: We buy our metal from distributors that are informed about the production and source of their materials and offer transparency in their supply chains. Whenever possible we endeavor to use metals that are reclaimed/recycled and made in the USA.  We also choose to source the majority of materials from small distributors, helping to give back to the community in which we operate ourselves.  

3. Recycled packaging: Not only is our packaging made of 100% post-consumer fiber (ie. paper that has been thrown away & recycled after use); but it can also double as a storage & travel carrying case for your jewelry when you aren’t wearing it.  

4. Made to Order to Avoid Excess Inventory: We create just about everything as made-to-order, this limits surplus and materials waste.  This approach to in-house manufacturing is both energy and cost efficient.

5. OUR THEORY ~ Buy less, Choose well, Make it last: One of the simplest acts of sustainability is to conscientiously choose and hold on to the things we buy while making a commitment to care for these things in the long run. Careful and thoughtful consumption decreases the waste going into landfills, protects our environment and is a rejection of the working conditions that are necessitated by fast, disposable fashion. K.Michael Jewelry sustainable fine jewelry is constructed to last through its quality materials, craftsmanship & through its meaning, providing lasting value to your life.