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Meet the Metals


One of the most commonly asked questions with jewelry, “What is it made of?”.  For that, K.Michael can proudly say that just about everything in the shop is made of the highest quality 14K Gold-filled and/or Sterling Silver materials (all of which are sustainably sourced in the USA).  It has always been a priority to create affordable ethical jewelry meant for daily wear and an active lifestyle; one of the pillars on which K.Michael is built.  No more tarnishing jewelry with a few wears, no more jewelry that flakes or worse, jewelry that turns your skin green. Just say no to that crap.  

Moral of the story = MATERIALS MATTER.    

K.Michael Jewelry is committed to filling the need for accessible semi-fine jewelry that will last for years.  
*Check out this chart to help educate yourself on metal quality before you buy.


Consider the following before you buy using the chart below to help:

  • your budget

  • skin sensitivity

  • how often you want to wear it