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A values-based graphic design studio supporting ambitious founders & business owners with their brand design, strategy & beyond...

"Kristen was incredible to work with. Her experience and expertise across multiple industries- teaching, coaching, small business owner, DESIGN, etc. allowed her to offer realistic and creative solutions to our growing business. We always felt heard, understood and encouraged by Kristen. She took the time to really understand us as women and owners, identify our target market and help define our brand. She helped us become even more clear on our vision and her creative genius created our logo that reflected that."
"Hiring Kristen to do the rebrand for my business, was the best decision I've made and the results have been countless.  She has a creative eye, can translate a vision, and is very easy to work with. Kristen is reliable, professional, and honest and I'd recommend her to anyone who is looking for an amazing designer and ready to take their brand identity to the next level."

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Her Journey

A working mom of two, with an eye for creative style that she harnesses for good, to lift up others. Kristen is a California native, bringing good vibes alongside her work, with nature as her muse in both life & design. With over ten years experience running her small business, K.Michael Jewelry, a CoActive trained Coach, & teacher turned tech...her winding career path has been a constant reminder that life happens in the twists, turns & loops. A nod to the squiggle line you'll find throughout her K.Michael Studio branding. When life isn't a straight & narrow path, because guess what- it never is, you are forced out of your comfort zone, to dig deep & to reconnect with your values as your guide.

This business sprouted organically from her gravitation to all things CREATIVITY + CONNECTING with GOOD PEOPLE doing GOOD WORK. She saw a need for intentional, values-driven Brand Design in her network of coaches, who did not have the time or bandwidth to focus on their brand identity. From there, K. Michael Studio was born in support of these amazing humans to lift their message & business through visual design.

Kristen believes that by supporting & serving people/brands we believe in, by leading with kindness, & taking small (but mighty) actions - we have the power to positively shift the dynamics of our world. Oh and laughter, lots of laughter! 

k.michael studio