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Coaching Services

The designer & founder of K.Michael Jewelry is also a Co-Active Trained Coach!  Creating a space for creatives & multi-passionate humans, to be BOLD in pursuit of their purpose.

"As a coach, I help people lead happier more fulfilled lives.  This is done through getting curious, going deep, coming up with a plan, implementing tools to support growth and accountability; in essence, we create a personalized framework that leads to a more purposeful & focused life." 

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A quick backstory on my coaching journey...

Thank you for being here! I have been on this personal journey, seeking growth and a deeper sense of fulfillment for years; so allow me to share why coaching was so impactful for me.

For the last 10 years, I have been working in education (with a Masters in Educational Psychology & multiple teaching credentials), and while I love serving the community through teaching, I was feeling UNSETTLED.  I constantly pushed myself as a teacher and did anything I could to make it "work," but I could not escape the feeling that there was something else out there for me.  For years, I struggled with feelings of anxiety, letting fear and a false sense of comfort hold down my burning dreams to make a living in a way that felt more ALIGNED. Amid this uncertainty (a few years into teaching) I started my jewelry business as a passionate side hustle, which sparked more joy and creativity in my daily life...bringing to light a sense of excitement that I was missing.  While my jewelry business endeavors continue to grow and are a key part of my personal goals, I needed more stability in terms of a career.  It often felt as if I was left in the dust and looking at others with envy that they chose the "right" path.  All while my financial responsibilities grew with bills, a mortgage and two small children who relied on me. I exhausted by my self-imposed glass ceiling and knew it was time for a major CHANGE.

So... what did I do? I hired a Life Coach to help gain clarity on my career direction.  I quickly learned that this "career change" was way more than a "transition".  It was an internal awakening that allowed me to get more in tune with my desires, gain clarity on my goals and tackle my mental chatter.  As the process unfolded, so did my path. It became clear that coaching was my next move.  After my own coaching experience, I felt called to create a space for people to be vulnerable, for people to grow and for people to truly thrive in their own skin.  Growing a successful coaching practice while still having a creative outlet with jewelry design, is my own personal goal.  I am in it, I am vulnerable, I am learning, I am growing & I am going for it. 

For years my dreams felt too big, too unrealistic and too far away to become my reality. As I am a student of the game I know my personal work will never be done, as GROWTH is a core value of mine. I am however incredibly grateful to the Life Coach who helped me  break through my own glass ceiling and pursue a journey of fulfillment. If you are looking to make your own dreams a reality, it would be an honor and a privilege to work with you and support you. 

HERE & NOW.  If we work together, you will learn that I love to research new ways to optimize mental health, physical health & day to day routines.  I want to help you dig deep, hold you accountable & engage in open conversation that elicits your true desires as an individual.  I am coaching to the WHOLE PERSON, not just a singular problem and my goal is to EMPOWER you!

I hope to be a catalyst towards your clarity or resolve with whatever it is that you may be seeking in this season of life.  We are all a constant work in progress, but taking an active step in the direction you seek is the most important step you can take. 

Looking forward to connecting & until then BE WELL!