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What is Coaching?

Here are some of the basics we may uncover when working together:

  • Identify self-limiting influences and beliefs. It’s some of the most powerful stuff to unpack and an honor to hold space, encourage, and share empathy with you.

  • Guidance for your personal and professional development. What feels missing in your life? What feels really great, that you'd like more of? We get very clear on this and develop the tools to continue exploring these questions for years to come.

  • Hold you accountable for reaching your personal goals. This is huge because it's so easy to slide back into the same routines of everyday life, putting off our next steps time and time again.  When you invest in a coach, you are investing in your future self. 

  • Challenge you and provide feedback on your progress. I promise, it's all in kind observation with zero judgement.

  • Give you actions and inquiries to work on in-between sessions. Homework, essentially! This can be straightforward or a bit unconventional. It helps to deepen the learning and keep you moving forward in between our chats.

  •  Discover your personal values and purpose. These are key!

  • Help you set clear goals, take action, and make better decisions in alignment with your values.

  • Ease your mind and soul. You've got this, and I'm here for you with compassion and hopefully a few laughs.

Bottom Line = I want to help you dig deep, hold you accountable & engage in open conversation that elicits your true desires as an individual. 

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